White Throated Robin

White Throated Robin

Nearly 20% larger than Robin; close in size to nightingales, with similar form and structure except for slightly longer wings and tail. Quite a robust and bulky chat, more recalling robin-chats

Diagnostic combination of rather long black tail, white vent, and rufous-buff flanks. ♂ striking, with black face-mask contrasting with white throat, narrow white supercilium, dark blue-grey upperparts, and rich rufous-orange chest. ♀ much less colourful, with brown-grey head and back.

Migratory, wintering in rather restricted area of East Africa, Arrives in Turkey from mid-April, with continuing arrivals into May; arrival apparently synchronous across entire range. Most leave breeding grounds by end of August.

Seen on route to Göğübeli Geçi & Girdev Lake, namley at a site near Seki, at the ‘Red Apple’ roundabout. Here, turn right following signs for Temel, Erendağ or Kayak merkezi (Ski centre). After 700 meters, the road reaches a brow of a small hill with room to park on either side. Explore slopes here in April.

Classification : 

Very Good Chance (VGC) : should see it, fairly common at this site, at this time of year.

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