White Throated Kingfisher

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White Throated Kingfisher

Twice the size of Kingfisher. Largest resident kingfisher in west Palearctic, with massive red bill, dark wine-chestnut head and underbody, mainly blue back, wings, and tail, strikingly relieved by white throat and central breast.

Flight powerful, with bursts of rather slow wing-beats and looping  glides and turns ending in somewhat untidy pounce or dive on prey. Behaviour typical of family, with bird alternating periods of secretive perching and energetic hunting; most conspicuous in breeding season, often calling from open perch.

White-Throated kingfisher : Resident (GC) at Eskiköy Rocky Outcrop & Canal Route also Younis Hotel Jetty Spring

White-throated Kingfisher /call, song

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Recorded by : Eric DeFonso

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