White Tailed Eagle

White Tailed Eagle.jpg

White Tailed Eagle

Large vulture-like eagle with huge, deep bill and long neck. Flight silhouette massive with broad, rectangular, deeply fingered wings, protruding head, and short wedge-shaped tail. Plumage of adult almost uniform brown except for whitish head and white tail. 

When soaring, wings of White-tailed Eagle held horizontally or slightly raised but always slightly arched; when gliding, held horizontally and again slightly arched. Ordinary active flight characterized by long series of shallow, measured wing-beats, broken only sporadically by short glides. 

Seen at Köycegiz Lake, when seen,  usually around bays where the Cormorants roost & at Iztuzu Beach 

Classification :

Reduced Chance (RC) May see it , bird may be transient at many of the sites, low in numbers and a little luck is required.

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