Short Toed Eagle

Short Toed Eagle

Distinctly larger than buzzard.Medium-sized, broad-faced, usually dark-hooded, grey-brown snake-eagle, with head and thick neck protruding in all attitudes. Underparts strikingly white, variably speckled and barred darker, markings usually forming band across chest. Black tips to primary coverts and primaries and 2–3 tail bands fairly prominent even in palest birds. No other large raptor in west Palearctic shows almost wholly whitish underparts with dark hood and chest.Spends much time hovering in search of prey.

Migratory. Almost entirely summer visitor to west Palearctic; exceptional winter reports from southern Europe. African winter quarters occupied September–October to late February–March. Return to Europe mainly mid-March to mid-April, occasionally earlier in south and generally later in north.

Seen at Kaunos, Okcular & Eskiköy Rocky Outcrop

Classification :

Fair Chance (FC) : Should see it at these sites and frequent visits.

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