Rüppells Warbler

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Rüppells Warbler

Male distinctive, with black forehead and throat divided by white moustachial stripe; rest of plumage grey above with conspicuous pale tertial-fringes and -tips and white-edged black tail; basically cream below with grey flank. Female grey-brown above, buff-cream below, sometimes showing black mottling on throat and pale moustachial stripe but others lack distinctive markings though all and juvenile show conspicuous pale tertial fringes. Eye orange to chestnut, bare ring orange-brown to -red.

Seen at Kaunos & Okcular summer visitor

Classification :

Some Chance (SC) : May see it, with preparation (learn bird call) , low in numbers , may be seasonal.

Rüppells Warbler song :

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Recorded by : Stuart Fisher

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