Red Fronted Serin


Red Fronted Serin

Slightly larger than Serin but with similar stubby form on ground and in flight. Distinctive serin, with sooty head and breast, fiery orange-red forecrown, and heavily streaked back and flanks; rump orange in centre.

Breeds in south-east of west Palearctic, in middle and upper tree belts of mountains, subalpine meadows, and in wide and narrow ravines along rivers

Sings from upper branches of low birches or pines, or rock ledges, but is often on ground or on stony or rocky terrain

Mainly altitudinal migrant. Chiefly resident in Turkey

Seen at  Lake Girdev & Göğübeli Geçi

Classification :

Good Chance (GC) : Should see it with a little preparation at these sites (learn bird call)

Red-fronted Serin recording:

call, male

Recording downloaded from : Xeno-canto

xeno-canto is a website dedicated to sharing bird sounds from all over the world. Whether you are a research scientist, a birder, or simply curious about a sound that you heard out your kitchen window, we invite you to listen, download, and explore the bird sound recordings in the collection.Doğubeyazıt, Ağrı Province Turkey

Recording by Yoav Perlman  

The license is here

Photo Alan Gillbertson 

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