Red Footed Falcon

Red Footed Falcon

Red Footed Falcon

Smaller than Kestrel,

Rather small, finely built falcon, recalling Hobby in shape and hunting flight and Kestrel in open perching and hovering. Adult ♂ has back, wing-coverts, and tail sooty grey, lower belly, thighs and vent rich chestnut (appearing dark red and thus contrasting little in many views

♀ has back, wing-coverts and tail more blue-grey barred black, and underbody and under wing-coverts orange-buff, little streaked except on flanks and set off by obvious barring on flight-feathers and undertail. Head of ♀ diagnostic: crown and nape orange-buff, eye-patch and short, broad moustache brown-black; chin, throat, and rear cheeks white. Bare parts orange-red

Migratory: summer visitor to West Palearctic, winters in southern Africa

Passage between breeding and wintering ranges occurs on broad fronts, without concentrations at narrow sea-crossings. Autumn movement heaviest over east Mediterranean

Passage across Mediterranean at peak late September and early October

Return movements begin about early March; Mediterranean recrossed mid-April to mid-May. First birds arrive central Europe and Ukraine from mid-Apri

Seen in fields near Okcular and road between Ortaca and Seragarme 

Classification :

Some Chance (SC) : May see it , low in numbers , may be seasonal

Photo John Codling

© Brendan Searson 2017