Montagu’s Harrier

Montagu’s Harrier

Long and narrow wings, slim body and narrow long tail. Flight buoyant and Tern like. In comparing to Hen Harrier , wing finger only number four in Montagu’s whereas in the Hen Harrier it is five. 

A lowland species, mainly in broad river valleys, plains, and levels bordering lakes or sea. 

Like other harriers, will cross wide areas of sea; thus tends to migrate on broad fronts without need for concentrating at narrow sea-crossings.

Few left in Europe by mid-October, though stragglers linger into November or even later. Begins reaching African winter quarters in September, where majority present mid-October to mid-March. Return movement across Mediterranean mainly late March to late April, though very early individuals sometimes reach North Sea countries in March.

Seen at Eskikoy Rocky Outcrop and near Okcular 

Classification :

Reduced Chance (RC) May see it,  bird may be transient at many of the sites, low in numbers , may be seasonal, and a little luck is required.

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