Lesser Kestrel

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Lesser Kestrel                

Slightly smaller and shorter-tailed than Kestrel.  Small, finely built and proportioned Kestrel , with narrow wings and slender tail with protruding wedge of central feathers obvious in most attitudes

Migrates in both autumn and spring on broad fronts.

According to Collins bird guide can be separated from Kestrel by it’s diagnostic call, slightly elongated tail feathers as mentioned above.

If seen perched , Kestrel has dark claws and Lesser Kestrel has pale claws. Other key identifiers a narrow blueish wing panel . 

Seen Lake Girdev, Also reported in fields on road from Ortaca to Sarigerme 


Seasonal migration Spring and Autum 

Good Chance (GC) : Should see it with a little preparation at these sites (learn bird call)

Lesser Kestrel Recording

Recording by : Alain Malengreau

Recording downloaded from : Xeno-canto

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Photo Alan Gillbertson 

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