Finsch’s Wheatear

Finsch's Wheatear-5784

More a mountain bird than other Wheatears

Is a little larger than a Black-eared Wheatear,  a proportionally bigger head, thicker legs and bill according to the Collins Bird Guide. Adult males have black shoulders and wings but a white back and crown .Much black on the throat and joins with black on the wings. 

Tail pattern distinctive, with anchor, not inverted 'T' shape and narrow white terminal rim. BWPi

Is described as a short distance migrant ,restless and fidgety , shy , flies far away and watches intently.

Seen at Çővenli Yaylasi , Ğöğübeli Geçidi , Lake Girdev & Pamukkale


Summer Visitor Reduced Chance (RC) May see it , bird may be transient at many of the sites, low in numbers , may be seasonal, and a little luck is required.

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