Blue Rock Thrush

Male Blue Rock Thrush-.jpg

Fairly wide spread at a number of the sites discussed. A shy bird that tends to be on it’s own. Often seen perched in silhouette at the top of rocks and structures at archaeological sites and this is the best way to locate it. Scan the tops of rocks on the top of hills and archeological sites for a starling shaped bird often perched upright. Once seen the males should be easily identified once you get nearer and see it in good light, though approaching can be frustrating as it may quickly move out of sight, on the other hand if may stay perched at the same spot for some time. 

Seen at Kaunos, Eskiköy Rocky Outcrop, Ğöğübeli Geçi & Iztuzu Plaj 


Resident: Fair Chance (FC) : Should see it at these sites and frequent visits.

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