Black Stork

Black Stork.jpg

Easily identified with black head, neck and breast with metallic green or violet gloss in appropriate lighting. The Black Stork is migrant bird wintering in Africa.  Much lower in numbers than the White Stork. 

On passage over Mediterranean , makes few and brief surface stops, as suitable moist forest habitats unavailable. Although closely associated with water, makes limited direct use of rivers and lakes, and still less of seas, frequenting mainly vegetated fringes and wetlands of all types and sizes.  source BWPi


Some Chance (SC) : May see it , low in numbers , may be seasonal.

Arrives generally late March to mid-April has been seen at Okçular (Black Lake) though I am not sure if  new drainage has been installed in the field to allow for increased crop production and the bird still appears there. 

Autumn departures from Europe early August to September, stragglers into October

source BWPi

My sightings  have been at Ğöğü-beli Geçi & Avlan Golu, Girdev Golu, Çöğenli Yaylası (in flight), others have seen them regularly in Okçular where they make a brief appearance in spring. 

Migrant  Spring/Autumn Spr: Okcular  Aut: Avlan Gölü , Girdev Gölül , Çöğenli Yaylası 

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