Black Headed Bunting

May/June is the best months around Dalyan to see the Black-headed Bunting. It is an easily recognised bunting (Male), and can usually be located from it’s song when calling from the top of trees , bushes or on wires during May/June, it is fairly approachable .

My main sightings have been walking from Dalyan to the Rocky Outcrop at Eskiköy though I have seen it at other sites around Dalyan .

Spring Visitor (May/June) seen at Eskiköy, Pamukkale.


Very Good Chance (VGC) : should see it, fairly common at these sites , at this time of year.

Black-headed Bunting Song Recording: 


Recording downloaded from : Xeno-canto

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This recording by Stuart Fisher at  Patara ruins, Turkey

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