Target Birds

The target birds section has come about following serveral conversations with different birders who have visited Dalyan. The gist of the conversations revolved around which birds each birder would have on their ‘tick list’ for a visit to the region. This of course is a very personal thing for each of us and will differ from person to person, the target birds list is an amagulation of the most sought after birds in those discussions. Each page will have a description of the bird although many would be obviously identifiable. Sound recordings of calls or songs are available to listen to for some of the species  as an aid to help alert birders to their presence and location. Suggested sites where the birds have been observed are included. 

So from my own experiences and also through the sightings others have reported I have attempted to create my own classification on occurrence and likelihood of seeing each of the 24 target species at the sites discussed within.
My Classification below is based on, where , when & chances, for the incidental birder who is not not on a weeks birding holiday but may do the odd day out birding at one of the mentioned Birding Sites:

Çöğenli Yaylasi

Dalyan River Walk

Eskiköy Rocky Outcrop

ğübeli Geç

Iztuzu Road and Dolmus End of Beach


Kavakarsı Forest

Köycegiz Gölü

Girdev Gölü



Rocky Outcrop Canal Route

Tuzla Gölü


Very Good Chance (VGC) : should see it, fairly common at this site, at this time of year.

Good Chance (GC) : Should see it with a little preparation at this site (learn bird call)

Fair Chance (FC) : Should see it with a little preparation (learn bird call) at this site and frequent visits.

Some Chance (SC) : May see it, with preparation (learn bird call) , low in numbers , may be seasonal.

Reduced Chance (RC) May see it, with preparation (learn bird call) , bird may be transient at many of the sites, low in numbers , may be seasonal, and a little luck is required.

© Brendan Searson 2017