Tuzla Gölü

Tuzla Gölü

From Milas pass Bodrum Airport and shortly after leaving the D330 to the village of Boğaziçi,  the road crosses  a causway separating  Tuzla Gölü from an inlet from the sea and parking at the end of the causeway is a good starting point .The migratory birds, flying to the Tuzla wetlands, in the Boğaziçi neighborhood of Milas, were put under state protection in 2001 after the lake was designated as an important bird habitat in the region.  In his book  ‘Walking & Birdwatching’ in South West Turkey’ Paul Hope describes Tuzla Golu as an excellent area for birds but viewing can sometimes be difficult due to its large size and accessibility . Every December, the wetlands welcome more than 5,000 birds of 230 different species. Flamingos, known as "allı turna" in Turkish, as well pelicans flock in thousands to the region, enriching its biodiversity. The lake, during the migration season, offers a feast for the eyes with colorful birds attracting great interest from local residents and visitors alike. I believe plans had been drawn up in 2017 to provide 12 live web cams and walk ways around the lake , lets hope so. 

Potential birds may include :

Flamingo, Pelican both Greater and Dalmation, Stone Curlew, Black Eared Grebe, Hen Harrier, Short Toed Eagle, Gt Spooted Cuckoo, Black Headed Bunting, Rock Bunting, Olive Tree Warbler, amongst others. 


Tuzla Gölü lies between Milsa and Bodrum and with a two and half hour drive is another trip that requires a full days birding. I have included it as in winter, spring and autumn it represents some excellent birding and is the only site I have seen Stone Curlew.


Pick up the D400 at Ortaca and turn left onto Muğla Fethiye Yolu D400 towards Mugla


Stay on the D400 and at Akyaka/Gokova pick up the D550 to Mugla 


Pass through Mugla  and continue towards Bodrum/ Milas  and pick up the D330 MuglaBodrum road


At Milas continue on the D330 towards Bodrum and pass Borderum Airport (Mills-Bodrum Havaalani)


Pass Bodrum airport on your right and shortly after looks for signs for Boğaziçi


Follow this road and it will take you over a causeway with Tuzla Gölü on your left and the sea inlet on your right. park up at the end of this causeway 


You can follow the path keeping Tuzla Gölü on your left, this will lead to a small farm holding and mud flats where Stone Curlew have been spotted.


The second route is driving in the direction of the village of Boğaziçi and picking up one of the tracks to the left leading down to the lake shore. park up on one of these tracks and the walk down to the shore provides some good birding and eventual close access to the lake.

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