Kavakarsı Forest

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Kavakarsı Forest

Kavakarsı Forest is less than half an hours drive from Dalyan and offers a variety of birding and pleaseant walks through this interesting woodland leading into open fields that boarder Köycegiz Göl. The forest is made mainly from Liquidambar orientalis, commonly known as Oriental sweet gum trees. The Turkish name of the species is Günlük ağacı or Sığala ağac. Günlük ağacı means “frankincense / myrrh tree”. The trees are slow-growing, deciduous tree that is native to flood plains, valleys and streambanks in south western Turkey. 

The Turkish Sweetgum tree has been exploited for its balsam since antiquity and was used for embalming in ancient Egypt. Because of its pleasant aroma, the balsam was also burnt in ceremonies and during festivities. The balsam is in fact a resin which the tree only secretes when its trunk is injured. It helps the tree to protect itself against parasites, insects and bacteria by covering its scars. The extraction of the resin and the production of the sweetgum oil (sığala yağı), as well as exports of these products, used to play an important role in the local economy. The process of obtaining the balsam and the preparation of the oil involve quite strenuous tasks lasting from end March until the end of October

Potential birds may include :

Green Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Syrian/Gt Spotted Woodpecker ,Woodchat Shrike,Red backed Shrike, Song Thrush, Icterine Warbler, Kingfisher, Cetti’s Warbler, Buzzard, White Throated Kingfisher amongst  others. 

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 1: At the round about you can turn left to the football stadium or right towards Ortaca,  go straight on towards Eskiköy 

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2 : Drive for 5 km until you reach the junction leaving Eskiköy  and turn left at stop sign (DUR)

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3: After about three kilometres you'll pass the sign to indicate the end of Teparasi and a little further on there is a left turn sign. Turn left after the building on your left

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4: You will pass the sign for Karavası drive slowly following the road and turn imeiadiatly left after the Mosque 

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5: Follow the brick road always veering with the road to the left. Drive carefully here as there can be free range toddlers running between the houses. The road soon becomes a dirt track leading into the forest.

6: Follow the track until you come to a nature watching site and park here.

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7: From here take the track bearing left. 

take the track to your left-3220.jpg

8: Follow the track until your first major turning and take another left here.

at junction veer left-3221.jpg

9: Keep on the track until you leave the forest and end up in open farm land. Follow the track until it pesters out  and there is an open field to your left and pomegranate orchard on the right. 

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10: Skirt the edge of the field following the line of the pomegranate on your right being careful not to damage any crops.

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11: Follow the edge of the field to your right , then making your way left at each corner and skirt round the perimeter of the field until you end back at your starting point.

12: Follow the track back to where you parked the car.

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