ğü-beli Geç & Avlan Gölü

ğü-beli Geç & Avlan Gölü

Seki plain

White Throated Robin

ğübeli Geç is a mountain pass,  which links the small town of Seki to the town of Elmalı. Travel over the mountain and follow a small river as it descends the other side through the ‘pass’ , then head towards the plains on the other side before arriving at Elmalı.

This trip covers a wide variety of habitats, from lakeside, to mountain passes, through open plains and farming land. After Elmalı you cross farming plains to the edge of Avlan Gölü to bird the lake before retracing your journey back to Dalyan. 

It’s a long day and I usually start at 7am returning to Dalyan for 7:00pm.

Target Birds on this trip should include :

Red Fronted Serin, White Throated Robin, Blue Rock Thrush, Black Stork , Cretzschmars Bunting , Orphean Bunting , Short Toed Treecreeper, Long Legged Buzzard and Short Toed Eagle along with other seasonal mountain and migratory birds.

Directions :

I am going to give directions in three groups 

1: Dalyan to Seki (to pick up White throated Robins in spring)

2:  Seki to Elmalı taking in ğübeli Geç

3:  Elmali to Avlan Gölü near Göltarla 

Dalyan to Seki.

1: From Ortaca pick up the D400 towards Antalya Fethiye 

2: Pass through the Göçek Tüneli (toll tunnel)  and continue to follow the D400 towards Antalya 

3: Continue on the D400 Fethiye/Antalya road passing Fethiye and Zorlar

4: Near Zorlar pick up the D350 Continue straight to stay on Antalya Fethiye Yolu/D350

5: Continue on this road until the obvious right turn sign posted to Seki

6: Continue on this road until you reach the ‘Apple Roundabout” 

Seki Roundabout-.jpg

7: Here you can take a left into Seki to pick up breakfast !

8 : Turning right towards Temel, leads to a site that is reliable for White Throated Robin (in spring). Continue on the road for about 700 meters to a brow of a small hill where you can park and the scrub to the right should produce views.

White Throated Robin Location-.jpg

2 : Seki to Elmalı taking in ğübeli Geç

This route may produce Red Fronted Serin

1 : 

At the ‘Apple Roundabout’ go straight on and follow the road until you see the signs for Elmalı

2 : 

Once on the Elmalı road you follow it up and over the mountain passing the highest point of 1850 meters and is signposted  ğü-beli Geç . You can stop at this point for drinks and snacks at a camp ,  if it is open . Be on the look out for raptors as you make your way up to the summit .

3 : 

Once at the summit follow the road down the ‘pass’ following the course of a stream . The water troughs on the way down can be good spots to park up and wait to see what turns up.

4 : 

Once the road levels out,  you will cross a small bridge continue to follow the road through flat farming land to Elmalı.

3: Elmalı to Avlan Gölü

Elmali to Avlan Golu-.jpg


From Elmalı pick top the road for Fineke ( it’s not well sign posted so a SatNav will be useful or ask a local to ponit you in the right direction.

2 : 

The Elmalı to Fineke road is the Elmalı / Finike Yolu/D635

3 : 

Once on the D635 road to Finike it is a straight route to Avlan Gölü and it will be obvious when you have reached the lake. (about 20 mins from Elmalı)


Parking at the lake is difficult as this is a fast road, but there is a lay-by at the far end of the lake where you can leave your car and bird on foot. 


Return to Dalyan by the revese route, stopping off at the birding spots again on your return .

© Brendan Searson 2017