Girdev Gölü

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 Girdev Gölü

Girdev Gölü is on a high plateau in the Ak Dag Yaylasi region and lies at 1600 meters height (5,250 feet) You approach Lake Girdev from the village of Temelkoy  passing over Erien Dag and this is one of the most spectacular birding routes in the area reaching a hight of 2000 meters (6562 feet) before ascending through a pass to Girdev Gölü . The route has spectacular scenery, rugged mountain terrain and and deep valleys with twisted Juniper trees some perhaps a 1000 years old. There are many good birding spots on route. A full day is required. 

Potential birds may include :

Red Fronted Serin, Lesser Kestrels, Crane, Black Stork, Long Legged Buzzard and Short Toed Eagle , Finsch’s , Blackeared and Isabeline Wheatear, Ruddy Shelduck, Rock Thrush and Blue Rock Thrush. amongst many others of the 119 birds species  reported in this area.

Directions :

I wouldn’t recommend driving to Lake Girdev yourself , in the first place you would need to be a skilled driver and with a vechical that can endure the rough terain and potholes that you may encounter, not to mention difficult inclines and decents on hair pin bends with loose gravel. Secondly, I know people have driven themselves there in rental cars in the past , but you need to be aware that all self drive rental car insurance, even for 4x4 vehicles, is null and void once you leave made up roads , it’s in the small print!

My recommendation is to go with Kaunos Tours, who will give a good price for a vehicle with a driver who has the GPS coordinates for the brding spots recomended in Paul Hopes book ‘ Walking and Birdwatching in South West Turkey’ .

The price of course reduces with the number of people sharing , but even with just two people and a driver it is very reasonable and you are fully covered with insurance. Note though it may not be possible to go up before April due to snow. 

A little preparation is advised 

Firstly , apply insect repellant before you set off, mosquitoes are still active first thing in the morning when out birding and also when out in the fields, woods and other undergrowth during the day, there are plenty of other insects that need deterring, take a small bottle of Sin kov (local insect repellant) for times of paranoia and to deter flies as and when necessary. 

Secondly , take a small hand towel, this is the best birding advice I have ever been given and is useful in which ever country you may be birding in, it has it’s obvious uses for drying yourself or mopping away sweat, acts as a cushion if you need to sit on an uncomfortable surface while you watch and can act as a support of scopes or camera lens (a little like a bean bag) and many more uses. 

Thirdly , take a small first aid kit including something for stings. 

Fourthly , apply sun cream and have head cover, obvious maybe, but the sun here is very strong.

Last but not least , Mobile signals are not reliable up in the mountains, let people know where you are going and your expected return time.

Planning for some trips is important , there are no shops of any kind at Lake Girdev so you will need to stock up with supplies before you go, especially water if you are going in the summer months and intend to spend the day there. 


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