Eskiköy Canal Route

with the canal on your leftfollow the track-3253.jpg

Eskiköy Canal Route

The Eskiköy Canal Route lies to the south west of the ‘Rocky Outcrop’ and takes you through undeveloped  farming land consiting mainly of marquis scrub, boggy marsh areas and a canal that leads down to the edge of Köycegiz Lake all of which provide some excellent birding for warblers , waterfowl, Herons and seasonal visitors such as Rufous Bush Chat.

Potential Birds:  White Throated Kingfisher, Little Crake, European Kingfisher, Little Egret, Glossy Ibis, Night Heron, Reed and Gt Reed Warbler, Rufous Bush Chat, Hoopoe, Squacco, Purple and Grey Heron, Water Rail, Red Backed Shrike, Crested Lark, Wood Sandpiper, Marsh Harrier , Spotted Crake and Mustached Warbler.


1: Leaving Dalyan on Ataturk Bulvari road and head towards the roundabout. At the roundabout, the left turn takes you towards the Jandarma and the football satdia and the right turn taking towards Ortaca and Dalaman. Go straight on towards Eskiköy.

2: Follow the road heading towards Eskiköy, where the road bends to the right towards Eskiköy you will see a sign saying ‘Yeni Adet’ and a track to the left . Take this track.

3: Keep on this track and you will arrive at ‘Yeni Adet’ where the road forks left or right for this route we are taking the road to the left .

4 : Follow this track for about a kilometre with the canal on your left. You will eventually come to a 90 degree turn to the right away from the canal which you should follow.

90 degree turn-3246.jpg

5 : Keep going until you come across an obvious gate on your left which you should go through.

obvious gate-3247.jpg

6 : Once through the gate follow the vehical tracks which runs parrell to the fence on the left. 

follow vehical tracks with fence on left-3248.jpg

7 : Keep on the vehical tracks which slowly veers to the right of the fence on your left.

keep following track as it veers to the right -3249.jpg

8 : The track will eventually come to an end, take a left through the reeds here and follow the single footpath.

eventually the track comes to an end , turn left through reeds-3250.jpg

9 : The single track will shortly come to an open space. The canal will be on your left.

the track peters out to an open space-3251.jpg
the canal will be on your left-3252.jpg

10 : With the canal on your left follow the track.

with the canal on your leftfollow the track-3253.jpg

11 : The track will be over grown on both sides, but there are gaps where you may see Little Crake.

look for little crake at open streches of canal-3256.jpg

12 : Keep going until you come to a clearing at the end. 

open space-3255.jpg

13 : There will be the canal on your left and good views over the reed beds towards the' Rocky Outcrop' on your right.  It is possible to keep going but often the ground is water logged and this is the end of the route. Retrace your tracks to return.  


© Brendan Searson 2017