Dalyan River Walk

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Dalyan River Walk

This easy circular walk takes you along the outskirts of Dalyan leading into the centre via the river taking in some beautiful scenery and a variety of birding habitats .There are number of easy walks around Dalyan and you might want to check out Alan Fenns two books on the subject at this link  From this link you can down load the excellent Backways & Trackways which covers a number of  incrementally linked walks around Dalyan.  


Potential birds may include :

Raven , Short Toed Eagle , White Throated Kingfisher , Night Heron , Peregrin Falcon , Long Legged Buzzard , Roller , Penduline Tit , Lesser Spotted Woodpecker , Rock Nuthatch , Purple Heron , Kingfisher , Kestrel.


1: At the main roundabout as you head out of Dalyan, the left turn takes you towards the Jandarma and the football satdia and the right turn taking towards Ortaca and Dalaman , straight on takes you towards Eskiköy. We are going to take the left turn towards the Jandarma and football satdia.

2 : After a short while you will come to a junction. Go straight on here just past the sign ' DENIZKIZI’ . 

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3 : Straight after the sign 'DENIZKIZI' Turn left down the track .

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4 : Follow track to the end until you meet the river. 

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5 : When you reach the river turn left over the bridge

6 : Follow the path into the centre of Dalyan. Just over the bridge there are several jettys and from which you may see White Breasted Kingfishers feed across the river. Sometimes they nest near by in May and June 

7 : The cliffe face along the other side of the river can be good for Raven, Rollers and Raptors.

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8 : At the end of the track take a right along the river path. 

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9 :  You will pass a sign for the boat ‘ASIYAN’.  Ruhi the captain is a good choice for birding trips up the lake or down the river to the beach. 

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10 : Keep going until you reach the mosque and turn left along road towards the turtle statue.

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11: At the Turtle statue turn left and follow the road until you reach the start of your walk or you can finish at this point. 

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